Remote Sensing Application

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Spectral response of crops at various phenophases is used in this study. Crop condition assessment including detection of water stress and losses, crop yield estimation by use of remotely sensed data has been planned. Development of forewarning models using vegetation imagery obtained from remote sensing data is also planned.

Remote sensing data received from IRS satellites can help in distinguishing types of crops in a region. Similarly, NOAA AVARR data on daily basis can help in monitoring agriculture. Estimation of surface temperature based on NOAA AVARR data enables computation of evapotranspiration has also been planned. Estimation of soil moisture using remote sensing technique has also been planned to achieve.

Work on crop water stress using remote sensing data, crop acreage and production estimation in collaboration with SAC (Space Application Centre), Ahmedabad is in progress. Analysis of meteorological, remotely sensed data for wheat, gram, mustard, sugarcane is in progress. Ground based remotely sensed data are used for LAI (Leaf Area Index) estimation of wheat, maize crops.