Normals of Agroclimatic Observatories in India

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This contains the mean weekly data for different stations on major agroclimatic elements e.g. rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature, humidity( 0700 & 14 LMT),), sunshine hours, soil temperature at different depths which affect the crop growth and yield.It is useful for planners, plant breeder and research workers.

Plant breeders and planners need the agrometeorological information from as large an area as possible. A first attempt in this direction was made by the Division when Agroclimatic Atlas of India was brought out in 1978.The information given therein is on monthly basis and mostly in the forof maps. In the present publication weekly data of major agroclimatic elements which affectthe crop growth and the yield are given. The publicationcontains the data of well distributed 106 stations and is based on data from 1951 to 1980. Stations with data of less than 5 years have been omitted while those between6 to 10 years have been given as short period averages. Rainfall, maximum, minimum and grass minimum temperatures, sunshine and wind speed are based on the observations recorded at0830hours I.S.T. each day. Relative humidity and soil temperatures wererecorded daily at 0700 and 1400 hours local mean time.