Evaporation Data of Observatories in India

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This is prepared on the basis of monthly evaporation data for 139 stations in the country. It is useful for deciding irrigation scheduling and other research works. The evaporation observations are recorded with standard class A (USA) pan evaporimeter covered with wire mesh both at the Departmental and the Agrometeorological observatories.

In the present publication, evaporation data of 66 Departmental observatories and 73 Agrometeorological observatories have been included. A locator map given shows the geographical locations of these observatories. The stations for which data for 5 years or more are available, are only included.

In the Part-I,evaporationobservations atDepartmental observatories are included. These observations are taken twice a day at 0830 hours IST (hour I) and 1730 hours IST (hour II). The data are presented for three durations viz.

A) Mean evaporation from hour I of previous date (0830 hours IST) to hour II of previous date (1730 hours IST).
B) Mean evaporation from hour II of previous date (1730 hours IST) to hour I of date (0830 hours IST).
C) Mean evaporation for 24 hours ending at hour I of date(0830 hours IST).

Part II of the publication contains data of 73 Agro-Meteorological observatories for the period 1976 to 1985. The data have been presented to cover all the 12 periods (I to XII) into which the calendar year has been divided for Agrometeorological purposes. Evaporation observations at the Agro-meteorological observatories are recorded twice a day at 0830 hours IST and 1400 hours LMT. The data presented in this part pertains to 24 hours evaporation ending at 0830 hours IST.