Observational Organization

Agrometeorological Observatory

With IMD's technical assistance, 264 Agro-meteorological Observatories have been set up in the country by various institutions and government departments.

Dew Fall Measuring Stations

Dew fall,a secondary source of water avialable to plants, plays a significant role in plant growth, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions. It is measured from September to Aplil by 76 Observatories.

Evaporation Stations

Evaporation is measured by US Class A Pan Evaporimeter at 219 locations in India.

EvapotranspirationStations Stations

Evapotranspiration measurements are made with gravimetric/volumetric lysimeters installed in crop environment at 42 stations.

Pilot Balloon-cum-Micrometeorological Stations

In north-west India, 7 pilot balloon-cum micrometeorological observatories provide low-level wind data for anti-locust operations organized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Soil Moisture Observational Network

Soil moisture data are very important for scheduling of irrigation. At present 43 soilmoisture stations are functioning.